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HMOs are an excellent investment opportunity for buy to let landlords due to the returns they can deliver from multiple rents. Find out why HMO properties in Liverpool can be a good return on investment, and learn more about Marshall Property Construction’s HMO refurbishment service.



HMO stands for houses in multiple occupancy. This means that the property will be occupied by multiple tenants, but these tenants do not form a single household-they each have their own rooms with their own tenancy agreements.


A property is considered to be an HMO if at least three tenants live there and they share facilities such as a bathroom, toilet or kitchen. A property will be classed a large HMO if at least five tenants live there whilst sharing facilities.


With this in mind, we’re going to talk you through the benefits of adding HMO properties to your property portfolio and why Liverpool is a particularly great place to do it.

HMO Conversion Liverpool Marshall Property Construction
HMO Conversion Liverpool Marshall Property Construction


  • Refurbishment of properties in popular student areas of Liverpool, including the city centre, Kensington, Smithdown etc.
  • Installation of central heating, double glazing and other features that will make your property highly-sought
  • An additional student property management service with Marshall Property
  • Help with HMO licence compliance



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1. There’s increasing student demand for HMOs


Cities that are home to top universities will always attract young people that want to study there from both the UK and overseas, and Liverpool is no different. However, universities are often limited by the accommodation options that they can offer to students, with halls of residence usually only being available to first-year students as a result.


This situation has meant that HMO properties are more popular than ever, and we’re seeing investors reaping the financial rewards as a result.


2. You can generate more income


Student HMO accommodation can prove to be a very lucrative investment opportunity, as rental yields from multiple students are often higher than that of single-occupancy lets.


3. Longer-term tenants


Most university degrees take three years, but this can be longer depending on the type of degree or qualification. So, if a student stays in halls in their first year, you could have a minimum guaranteed income from a tenant for two years.


Students who are happy in HMO properties can then go on to provide online and word-of-mouth recommendations, all helpful in securing future tenants when they move out.


4. Good resale value potential


If you have a smaller HMO property, then converting it back into a family home for resale quite be done quite quickly and cheaply. Larger HMO properties can be sold if you don’t want to pay out for changing it back into a single-occupancy house again, which will appeal to investors looking for potential investment opportunities.


5. Why do students choose Liverpool?


One of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, Liverpool shows no sign of slowing down. Not only is the cheaper cost of living very attractive to students on a budget, but there is also a really diverse culture and a hugely popular, varied nightlife scene.



Marshall Property Construction offers a unique and bespoke HMO refurbishment service. From design development through to fittings and fixtures, our team will manage the entire project from the outset. The result? Maximum returns on your investment at the earliest opportunity.

HMO Conversion Liverpool Marshall Property Construction

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HMO Conversion Liverpool Marshall Property Construction

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